ControlPoint is a useful tool designed to help you achieve information compliance by making it possible to not only access information, but also understand, classify, and reduce outdated and unnecessary legacy content.

For some organisations, legacy data is simply old, outdated and no-longer required. However, legacy data is important. Legacy data can provide unique insights into your organisations previous business habits and decision making. Unfortunately because legacy data is stored in old and most likely unmanaged systems it cannot be utilised, and that can be a major problem.

Out of sight, out of mind is not a defensible position during a legal hold process where litigation is expected. Legacy data is subject to the same legal requirements as your current records and information, therefore it makes sense to control and clean up your legacy data now.

ControlPoint is a key enabling technology for Legacy Data Cleanup. ControlPoint offers:

  • Data analysis: You can inspect and interrogate metadata, content, and concepts providing understanding and insights into your data holdings
  • Automation: Legacy data can be categorized and organized for data cleansing
  • Category training: There are two options with category training. You can rely on existing structures or learn from actual information categories.
  • Management of information in place: You can enable users to declare a record, copy, move, hold, release hold, delete, and apply tags to information in place, for subscribing systems.

For more information on how ControlPoint can assist your organisation clean and control its legacy data, please contact our offices on (08) 6103 8428 or email