Sigma Pictures Web Release Notes

Sigma Pictures 4.1.7431 6/05/2020 

  • "Show Selected on Map" after importing a GPS image works again
  • Added retention schedule to metadata mappings
  • Added default access control to metadata mappings
  • Sets default numbering pattern for Sigma.Configuration record type
  • 64 bit version available
  • Converted from the TRIM COM SDK to .NET SDK
  • Assemblies and installers are signed with Authenticode certificate
  • CAB file merged into single MSI installer file

Sigma Pictures 4.0.7137 10/07/2019 

  • Application no longer starts in background
  • Fixed Lookup Set Item support for CM 9.3
  • Catalogues are saved in a new format to enable major changes without re-creating catalogues
  • Converter to migrate existing v3.5 catalogues to new format

Sigma Pictures 3.5.6927  12/12/2018 

  • Installer updated to support Micro Focus Content Manager 9.3
  • Fixed GPS location support for CM9.2+

Sigma Pictures 3.4.6394 24/07/2017 

  • Added support for automated container parts.
  • Removing root node in  Metadata Mappings no longer causes the world to end.
  • Relaxed rules around requiring a Photograph record type to be created.
  • In addition, better support for new Content Manager access privileges when creating location group and record type during first run.

Sigma Pictures 3.4.6625 15/02/2017

  • Installer updated to support HPE Content Manager 9.2 

Sigma Pictures 3.3.6240 31/01/2017

  • Added support for CM9.0+ GPS Location field
  • Added migration function for GPS.Latitude & GPS.Longitude to CM9.0+ GPS Location
  • Changed behaviour so user isn't able to start import without selecting some images first
  • Fixed issue where Pictures fails to work with administrator group
  • Fixed issue where Pictures cannot use additional fields linked to lookup sets (RM8.3+)
  • Fixed issue where copy and edit function was broken for some users
  • New application name!

Sigma Pictures 3.2.5554 18/03/2015

  • Fixed issue with GPS searches in HPRM8.x. (See packaged file 'Sigma Pictures HPRM8.X GPS Functionality.docx')
  • Added Convert GPS tool to Administrator tab. (See packaged file 'Sigma Pictures HPRM8.X GPS Functionality.docx')
  • Fixed issue regarding GIF metadata extraction.
  • Fixed issue regarding file tag creation

Sigma Pictures 3.2.5466 23/12/2014

  • Fixed issue with GPS searches inTRIM 7.x
  • Added seconds to datetime metadata mappings
  • Changed thumbnails to show record titles by default instead of record numbers. (Configurable in administrator menu)
  • Updated Sigma Pictures icon, splash screen and About window

Sigma Pictures 3.1.5400 14/10/2014

  • Removed Configuration Check helpers for Photograph record type and GPS.Latitude & GPS.Longitude additional fields
  • Updated licensing DLLs to support new HP Records Manager 8.1 licensing model

Sigma Pictures 3.1.5350 22/09/2014

  • Fixed an issue preventing non-.jpgs images from being catalogued
  • Fixed race condition issue with Evaluation versions attempting to access form before it is created
  • Removed support for .PCX images
  • Added Configuration Check helper to assit with first time setup
  • Added helper for Sigma.Configuration record type
  • Added helper for Photograph record type
  • Added helper Sigma.Sigma Pictures Administrator location group
  • Added helper for Sigma Pictures License file
  • Added helper for GPS.Latitude & GPS.Longitude additional fields
  • Updated build instructions to include dependancy of Sigma.ConfigurationCheck
  • Updated DLL references using more up to date versions of Sigma.AlternateFileStreams.Tags.dll, Sigma.Import.MetadataMappings.dll and  Sigma.Import.MetadataMappingsTRIM.dll

Sigma Pictures 3.1.5162 18/02/2014

  • Added right click + toolbar options for exporting a KML file (with associated thumbnail images). Note, if you have a KML viewer, such as Google Earth installed, it will automatically open after export
  • Note that to use this feature with TRIM items, they must have a GPS.Latitude and GPS.Longitude value defined
  • Added right click option to show the selected items on a map in the browser using Bing maps. Note that at most 10 items can be shown on a map at a time
  • Note that to use this feature with TRIM items, they must have a GPS.Latitude and GPS.Longitude value defined
  • Note, the Bing Maps feature is for when you can't install a KML viewer like Google Earth or you need a link you can share that will not contain any images, just locations, references and titles
  • Added image embedded tag/keyword metadata to the OCR text rendition attached to pictures on registration into TRIM, so now they will be document content searchable
  • Added new specific RM8 x64 Sigma Pictures Event, required due to breaking changes in the TRIM .NET SDK
  • Added RM8 specific change for getting back search string descriptions for the caption bar/reports
  • Added header row option for CSV export
  • Improved support for exporting multi-line fields in the CSV export
  • Fixed issue with dataset name in status bar being squished and overwritten

Sigma Pictures 3.1.5121  08/01/2014

  • Fixed issue with ribbon pop-up menu staying open while doing an import from a camera.
  • Changed thumbnail report form to move progress bar
  • Enlarged full size/4 per page report form and fixed resizing issue
  • Enlarged CSV export form and fixed resizing issue
  • Made it so retrieving items from a camera that can preserve the original file name more often
  • Made determining whether image processing should be done as a pre or post process automatic
  • Made it so there is now only a single image processing page in the wizard (replacing the pre and post process pages)
  • Added double click selection functionality to dialog for selecting image processes
  • Made context menu enabled options always update to be in line with the right click selection change
  • Made it so right clicking in thumbnail view would select the item as well as opening the context menu
  • Added "No Results Found" text for empty searches when browsing
  • Added support for workflow metadata mappings, which will allow you to initiate workflows during cataloguing
  • Moved to a newer version of the TRIM SDK (6.2.4), so now we can support workflows
  • Added option for separate rendition attachment step for working around issues with versions of TRIM that have the global document store pools + problems with nominated document stores
  • Fixed issue with process name mapping source not coming across
  • Added key shortcut for pictures only on the ribbon
  • Added PID to log items in log file, as well as creating separate log files named by PID when the log file is locked
  • Fixed an issue with parsing command line for GPS search where it used the word diameter but was actually expecting a radius (now diameter will be converted to a radius)
  • Fixed issue with preview view not clearing button state/information text when navigating to an empty search
  • Fixed issue with drag and drop and strange characters in file names
  • Added x64 Sigma Pictures Event that works with the x64 TRIM Workgroup/Event Server - note that setting this up is slightly different to setting up the x86 version
  • Added show logs button so that the logging folder can be shown to see historical logs
  • Made error message logging more consistent
  • Added global configuration that can be edited by administrators (global configuration is accessible from the administrators tab)
  • Added button to edit global configuration on administration tab
  • Added option to enable pictures only by default/force it enabled
  • Added option to disable/hide cataloguing for non-administrators
  • Added option to disable/hide GPS search for non-administrators
  • Added option to hide the reporting tab from non-administrators
  • Added option to hide export function from non-administrators
  • Note this refers to Sigma Pictures administrators, not TRIM administrators
  • Added Copy Rows menu item to logging view so you can now copy logging rows to the clipboard and paste them into Excel
  • Added support for security level and caveat metadata metadata mappings, constant source and wizard prompt sources
  • Added a check + warning for saving a configuration that has already been finalised
  • Because TRIM silently ignores the document attach in this case, it would make it so configurations only changed in the current session
  • Added a check + warning for saving a configuration where someone has disabled both 'Allow Replace' and 'Allow Revisions' on the Sigma.Configuration record type
  • Because TRIM silently ignores the document attach in this case, it would make it so configurations only changed in the current session.

Sigma Pictures 3.0.4980 20/08/2013

  • Rolled in updated image processing

Sigma Pictures 3.0.4960 31/07/2013

  • Optimised logging UI for better logging performance
  • Added context menu to logging pane that allows you to hide different logging levels
  • Fixed issue with line item on wizard configuration page causing issues
  • Fixed licensing issue for low permission users with particular versions of TRIM
  • Added "WIA compliant" to the error message about not finding any cameras
  • Made it so the wizard editing page doesn't appear if there are no wizard items in metadata mapping
  • Added double click functionality to metadata mapping source selector.

Sigma Pictures 3.0.4938 09/07/2013

  • Fixed bug with container command line parsing
  • Added license key system and licensing checks
  • Added Container number metadata to tooltips and selection text box

Sigma Pictures 3.0.4911 (internal) 12/06/2013

  • Fixed issue with status bar on field validation on the wizard first showing a new page not being populated
  • Fixed issue with markup appearing in status bar messages
  • Added best guess sources (document title, best guess author)
  • Rolled in metadata mappings and sigma custom controls.

Sigma Pictures 3.0.4904 05/06/2013

  • Fixed issue with a timing error causing an unhandled exception when a long set of images is used in image list view in an import

Sigma Pictures 3.0.4870 02/05/2013

  • Minor GUI tweaks
  • Updated metadata mappings rolled in.

Sigma Pictures 3.0.4864

  • Fixed issue with windows update breaking four per page reporting
  • Fixed issue with large pictures breaking reporting
  • Fixed issue with empty searches displaying 1 of 1 items in the status.

Sigma Pictures 3.0.4834

  • Fixed issue with filmstrip view sometimes causing an error that makes a red x/invocation error appear
  • Rolled in metadata import updates.

Sigma Pictures 3.0.4804 *update*

  • Added updated installation and administration guide

Sigma Pictures 3.0.4804 

  • Added 4 pictures per page report, that will put 4 pictures, with metadata to the right on a single page
  • Made it so the "Create" option on the record prompt is now allowed without a record type, which will allow the end user to choose the record type to create
  • Added file type white and black lists and the option to process only image types to the Sigma Pictures Event Configuration
  • Made it so the "OK" button isn't enabled if no items are checked for processing on the convert legacy dialog, as it wasn't obvious the behaviour when none were checked.

Sigma Pictures 3.0.4756 

  • Added "Allow Repeat Cataloguing" option to cataloguing configurations. This allows the administrator to switch off the message box that asks the user if they want to catalogue again

Sigma Pictures 3.0.4728 (second release)

  • Added training notes, questionnaire and demonstration setup documents

Sigma Pictures 3.0.4728 

  • Added splash screen
  • Fixed stuck compression slider for image processing
  • Fixed Anchoring on Convert Legacy Form
  • Merged in file virtualisation features from Imports inTRIM
  • Fixed issue with cataloguing PNGs with particular kinds of metadata causing errors
  • Changed camera integration code to attempt better compatibility on Windows 7